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PermaFinish is absolutely the BEST PROTECTION you can give your vehicle's paint! PermaFinish is a unique chemical compound formula that contains a catalyst which reacts with paint and actually changes the molecular structure of the original finish bonding with and becoming part of the paint. Within 48 hours, a new surface substance forms, one which retains the color properties of the original but with greater flexibility, resilience, hardness and shine.

PermaFinish is NOT a WAX or COATING, even though it is applied to the surface of a car, boat, plane, piece of farm equipment or even a bicycle. And because it is not a coating, it will not wash off, melt away in the heat, become brittle, chip, crack or flake off.

In fact, PermaFinish will probably outlast your car. We guarantee it for 6 years--longer than most people own a car--and with regular washing and care, the protection and shine could last for 10 years, maybe more.

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